General Department of Planning and project supervision

The work of general location 5

Of the pipelines:
- Verify the installation of all piping and wiring work by workers and technicians with high experience.
- Follow all the installation work and connection and testing of pressure and leakage.
- Review levels of the trench and orientation, depth and width according to the charts.
- Checking the drainage and disposal of accumulated water trench with a review of the set is accessories.
- Checking the pipes carefully remove all the impurities with the external and internal installation.
- Examine the pipes are good for detecting cracks and capillary cracks internally and externally, and to reject any pipe damaged or defective, making sure each pipe cleaner prior to installation.
- Review the installation of all pipe accurately by line and level and the tendency to be so that the pipes straight line horizontally and vertically according to design drawings.
- Must plug both ends of the pipe when necessary to prevent the entry of dust and sediment within the pipes.
Manholes Manhole:
- Ensure the establishment of manholes on pipelines in accordance with the plans, usually when you change direction in the line of pipes horizontally or vertically or as shown on drawings and specifications.
- Review the establishment of manholes in accordance with the detailed plans, taking into account the following:
A) pouring the concrete base height and orientation required in accordance with the plans.
B) The piping is connected to Kharga and Dakhla by flexible connections.
C) Manholes are poured by the plans and specifications.
D) The provisions of hydraulic testing and water absorption test to make sure to prevent leakage.
E) Installation of stairs in accordance with the plans and installed well.
F) installation of manhole covers and frames according to the charts.
G) protection of all internal and external surfaces of the manhole sealing material in accordance with the plans and specifications.
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