General Department of Planning and project supervision

Duties of the supervisory body - Engineers 1

1 - Save project files and documents with the classification and arrangement.
2 - receive two copies of contract documents (contract - general and special conditions - Specifications - bills of quantities) and a copy is saved in a special file and the other version at the project site.
3 - to participate in the delivery site to the contractor on time and prepare the record on the form prepared for that.
4 - Knowing your contractor to ensure the technical and scientific qualifications and experience of the process and then adoption.
5 - continue to set up the timetable for implementation of the contractor to study and make any notes on it (if any).
6 - Follow-up equipment used in the work the contractor and approved after verification of its efficiency.
7 - Follow up the work of the budget grid in the presence of engineer or surveyor prior to commencement of work.
8 - Follow-up tests of the soil.
9 - study of shop drawings (SHOP DRAWINGS) and detailed the various parts of the project and comments (if any) and to propose appropriate amendments and adoption.
10 - Review architectural plans and conform to all other plans and review the amounts set out the contract with the plans and the necessary amendment
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