General Department of Planning and project supervision

Supervision of Campus Projects Tasks

Modernize and develop the mechanisms and methods of supervision of projects the university campus - students, to complete the project according to the assets and engineering specifications and schedules set for it.
Development of programs and operational plans designed to end the supervisory stages of the project to achieve the objectives of public administration to oversee the projects.
Implementation of directives, decisions and instructions issued by the Director of the Department overseeing the university campus.
Participate in setting terms and conditions of the terms of contracts for projects for the implementation of projects, the university city - the students.
Supervision and follow-up application and implementation of design and engineering drawings in accordance with the architectural assets, and audit quality in the negatives, if any, and the speed of processing with the consultant and contractor.
Provide guidance and recommendations as the administration in favor of the project and presented to the consultant or contractor, or both, and coordination among them to implement
Uploaded immediately to the Managing Director overseeing the university campus when the discovery of cases of non-identical or fundamental errors in implementation or a difference between the drawings and Designs and the actual implementation or slow implementation of the stages of work on the project
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Last Update 11/2/2011 9:13:30 AM