General Department of Planning and project supervision

Stages and the basic rules - the stage of preparation of Project 3

Coordination with the competent authorities:
The engineer to coordinate with the employer to obtain approvals of competent authorities and related to the subject of the contract, or requires work prejudice to its facilities in the workplace; to facilitate the task of the supervisor and the contractor such as obtaining regulatory approvals of various (traffic - Telephone - electricity - water - sewage - ... ... etc.) to determine the paths of service lines to avoid them as much as possible, and the conversion requires attributed to convert or modify to suit the design elevations.
Records of the site:
Be agreed between the supervising engineer and the contractor on the different records necessary for the work, size, design and recorded by the work done, and visits the site and details of the manpower, equipment and machinery, and instructions for the site and his condition and the duration of the delay, if any.
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