General Department of Planning and project supervision

Stages and the basic rules - Phase Executive 6

Updated schedule of the project:
If there has been the progress of the project makes the commitment to the original timetable impossible must be amended and updated in line with reality, and follow the following steps:
- Cost the contractor prepare a revised schedule and submit to the supervising engineer for the adoption of the amendment if it does not require an increase in the period of implementation.
- If necessary amendment to extend the duration of the project of the reasons for the Entrepreneur shall receive, in accordance with the instructions of that organization, referred to item number (2/5/8).
- Dealing with amendments to avoid as much as possible increase in the duration of implementation.
- Emphasis on the contractor not to stop during the update, and follow-up action by the owner with the authority to adopt the revised schedule.
- Adoption of the amendment does not relieve the contractor which may be its errors, and update is the responsibility of the contractor.
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