General Department of Planning and project supervision

Stages and the basic rules - Phase Executive 11

Abstracts of ongoing:
The engineer to review extracted League (Form No. 8) submitted by the contractor from the reality of books exclusively for the work carried out in accordance with the conditions and specifications, and be signed recovered from the contractor or his representative and engineer (not refer to the manual exchange Abstracts issued by the Deputy Ministry for Planning and Programs to see attachments Abstracts ):
- The Contractor shall submit inferred from the work being carried out on the prescribed form accompanied by the documents that function to accept the work done from the point of supervision.
- The review of the supervising extracted immediately after receipt and acceptance in the case of conformity or notes that prevent acceptance.
In the case of non-acceptance of extract is re-extracted and the documents to the contractor with the observations.
- If you accept the signature is extracted from the point of supervision, and then raised to the top of the adoption taking into account the following points:
(A) the work agenda independent of the additional approved Palmstkhals cause, and must sign all statements of additional work approved by the supervising engineer.
(B) resolve the fines or deductions derived from the various delays, such as a fine and a fine of supervision (if needed) or any other penalties prescribed by the contract.
(C) The conduct of the contractor extracts current value of the work actually carried out and conformity with the conditions and specifications after acceptance of the supervising up to a maximum of 90% of the value of the contract.
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