General Department of Planning and project supervision

Steps to oversee the implementation of electrical work for buildings 3

Phone system:
- Review the capacity of central lines for a number of external and internal specifications.
- Check the phone lines connected with the motherboard of the Central.
- Checking the delivery of assistive devices (such as batteries, charger).
- Examination of the staff of central agencies.
- Examine the capacity of sub cans and telephone cable clips.
- Network test after putting them in the operating state.
Fire alarm system:
- Review Motherboard connections with the sub-panels in accordance with the plans and specifications.
- Check the wiring with the rules of the fire units and finds the end of the lines in every constituency.
- Revision circles alarm bells.
- Test the performance of the main control panel after putting the system in operating condition.
The audio system:
- Matching places and the ability of the speakers on the charts.
- Check the wiring in the system.
- Test the efficiency of the system after putting the system in operating condition.
Hours system time:
- Be put in place according to the charts.
- Check connections hours.
- Testing the efficiency of the performance of hours by placing them in operating condition and adjust the timing.
Uninterruptible Power System (U. P. S):
- Ensure the safety of a set of batteries.
- Verification of the overall capacity of the battery pack.
- Check the fluid level and density of the solution in the batteries.
- Check the efficiency of the batteries connect with each other (in a row or in parallel).
- Measure the voltage of each battery voltage and total battery after delivery.
- Take into account the separation of extensions of each system in the previous systems on the unit so that they are extensions of each independent system both within the pipes (PVC) sewer or ground, and must be separated from the rest of the electric power circuits.
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