General Department of Planning and project supervision

Concrete tests

A: During the casting

Slump Test:
A: a test:
1. The test uses a standard template (minus the cone height 30 cm and 20 cm diameter of the lower and upper 10 cm).
2. The concrete is poured inside the four batches and each batch variability 20 times by Sikh index (diameter 16 mm and length 60 cm by the end of convex).
3. After completely filling the template is still a one-time directly by lifting vertically to the top and falling concrete from measured height and compares the original land specified in the design of the batch.
B: Repeat test:
1. Being tested landing of each part is poured before the sampling cube compressive strength test.
2. Being tested for each drop of 100.0 m 3 continuous casting.
3. Testing is conducted whenever the landing proved visual inspection does not match the textures with textures required.
A: The responsibility for conducting the test:
1. Monitor mixing is responsible for conducting test landing himself in the presence of supervisor in charge.
2. Musharraf casting is not responsible for any casting his heart checked apparently indicates the non-compliance to the required strength and shall conduct the test drop them if necessary.
B: after casting:

Test pressure resistance of the concrete (cracking cubes)

1. Uses the standard cube and filled three times your blood is all part of the bar 25 times the standard compaction at least 6 samples are taken at least every structural element is poured or per 100 m 3 in the case of continuation of the casting.
2. Chop loosen the cubes after at least 24 hours and kept immersed in water until it is broken.
3. Compare the results of the cubes to resist cracking pressure required according to the following principles:
• resistance of concrete after 3 days of not less than 40% of the compressive strength of cubes after 28 days.

• resistance of concrete after 7 days of not less than 75% of the compressive strength of cubes after 28 days.

• not less as a result of any test cube of the grade concrete required and no more than the difference between the largest and smallest reading read about 25% of the average.

Responsible for conducting the test:

• Musharraf casting is responsible for his own sampling and the presence of engineer in charge of the consultant and, if possible.
• Technical Office project engineer is responsible for follow-up to break down the samples in a timely manner.
• Project Manager is responsible for informing the Director of the force in the event of a problem in the cubes and the results of follow-up steps to resolve them.
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