General Department of Planning and project supervision

Instructions the work of receipt The work of paint

1. Ensure that all paints used work paints, pastes and components meet the standard specifications.
2. Make sure to paste Bakr adhesive to protect the aluminum cover, as well as ministries and other items and protective covers before starting the work in the paint (waxed, for example).
3. Before starting the work of the paint must make sure that there is no Mmermat blank, and make sure there are no parts Mtablh.
4. Before starting the work of the paint must make sure that cutting Ohaar iron roofs, columns, and suture place.
5. Ensure the cleanliness of surfaces to be painted of dirt, oil and grease-free surfaces of the bumps and holes and the seams "and Mrashma surfaces."
6. Must be grinding walls and ceilings to be painted with oil pure linen.
7. Make sure that the putty on surfaces very gluing and filling all the spaces in surfaces.
8. Planer knife to make sure the first and smoothness and to ensure the absence of the Reich, or a penny and be soft to the touch.
9. Make sure to give the face of Bouët oil with zinc oxide 5%.
10. To ensure the withdrawal of tranquility in the second direction perpendicular to the tranquility and the first to be smooth to the touch and free of penny and Reich and others.
11. Make sure that paint the face of the oil after drying Bouët tranquility second.
12. Make sure Tgayt defective parts after painting the face of the oil.
13. Before giving the face the last must ensure the cleanliness of surfaces and the absence of liquefaction or Reich or all of the fault surfaces.
14. Sure from the burning of the nodes Banagarh Paljmalch heavy or painted before starting the work in the paint, and make sure to remove Albzzouz dismantled and the work of its replacement wood.
15. Make sure not to leave parts of revealing Banagarh Brush or comb the appearance of the face last.
16. Make sure paint is completely Lhalouk.

In the case of plastic paint is taking into account the above aspects and be arranged as follows:

1. Grinding flax seed oil, the walls clean.
2. Nirvana is withdrawn first.
3. Bouët give the face of the plastic.
4. Nirvana II is withdrawn.
5. Bouët give the face of the plastic.
6. Tgayt walls.
7. The face of the last Bouët plastic according to the color adopted by the consultant.
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